Estate and Elder Law Hour

Please Join Skip now from 2-3pm every Saturday on Cruisin’ 1430 AM, for the Estate and Elder Law Hour.

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Our Podcasts

11.18.17 – Financial Power of Attorney and who to choose, what the duties are, and how you can get in trouble easily. As well as how the financial institutions look at and work with these documents.

11.11.17 – How Revocable Living Trusts can be powerful for you during your lifetime, as well as how they can simplify the estate process and protect your assets after you have passed away.

11.4.17 – Myths around Veterans Aid and Attendance to help pay for LTC, what the true requirements are and exceptions that can help someone qualify without going completely broke.

10.28.17 – Myths around Medicaid, what the true requirements are and exceptions that can help someone qualify without going completely broke.

10.21.17 – Brady Mullen, with Capital Resource Group, will be talking about how to life insurance can be a very tax efficient and effective tool both during life and after death.

10.14.17 – The proposed tax bill by President Trump. How it may create opportunities to protect more of your estate, or how it may add taxes to your estate.

10.7.17 – Phil and Lily Hoteling with Answers for Senior Care will be talking about how to assess the care needs for your family and signs of such needs, as well as once your family has decided that they need to move into a retirement community, how to go about finding that right place.

9.30.17 – The importance of having a living will, what it does, what it doesn’t do, when it comes into play, the 5 wishes document and its role and much more.

9.23.17 – Senior Real Estate Specialist, Carolyn Gensler, will be talking about considerations when downsizing, how to prepare your home to sell, and how to find the right real estate agent to help you sell your house.

9.16.17 – Long Term Care Specialist, Ray Smith, will be talking about the different types of long term care insurance.

9.9.17 – Moe Aduan from Royal Bookeeping and Accounting will be talking about taxes such as gift, estate taxes, tax deductions available and how to think ahead when tax planning.

9.2.17 – Special guest Jamie Sarche from Feldman Mortuary will be talking about the importance of planning ahead when it comes to funeral, burial and cremation planning and how it helps your family in so many ways.

8.26.17 – The importance of beneficiary designations on your financial accounts to ensure your estate plan works the way you want.

8.19.17 – Stats on how much baby boomers have saved for retirement, how much on average they get in monthly income from social security, how this is a big problem and how to protect it from long term care costs.

8.12.17 – Irrevocable Trusts that can protect and give you control of your assets.

8.5.17 – 10 retirement stats that will blow you away plus Revocable Trusts and the things you may never have considered as a predator to your estate.

7.29.17 – Marion Mauro from Morningstar at Dayton Place talks about what things to think about when choosing a senior living community.

7.23.17 – Wills and Trusts. The pitfalls of not having a Will when you die, common misconceptions of how the Will controls assets after you die, as well as a discussion on Trusts and where they have a lot of value

7.15.17 – 10 Tips for How to Care for an Aging Loved One with special guest Senior Care Advocate Cindy Koch from Always Best Care Senior Services

7.8.17 – Busting Myths Around Spending All of Your Hard Earned Money on the Ever Increasing Cost of Long Term Care